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A message from our Co-CEOs

2020 is an important year for NYCEEC and the climate – we are working hard to increase the scope and impact of our work.  We have more green bank partners, supporters, and funders than ever before.  We have a solid track record of financing energy efficiency and clean energy projects in buildings.  We have local governments implementing policies to encourage big carbon-emitting buildings to become more green, resilient, and profitable.

This is where we wanted to be when NYCEEC was established nearly 10 years ago.  And yet, it’s not nearly enough.  It’s not enough if we want to halve emissions this decade.  It’s not enough if we want to rapidly retrofit our building stock.  It’s not enough if we want local businesses saving money and local economies thriving.  It’s not enough if we want underserved communities living and working in healthier habitats.

Which is why, as the first local green bank in the country and a bank that’s supporting the creation of other green banks, NYCEEC is committing itself, this year, to leave no stone unturned in our efforts to drive greater investment in energy efficiency and clean energy, and scale green financing markets to be accessible to all.

We’re doubling down and we need your help.

The money is out there for projects that deliver the many benefits of energy efficiency and clean energy. It’s ready to be invested. It just needs to be mobilized: by us, by supporters like you – building owners, contractors, developers, partner lenders, philanthropy, public agencies – and by our collective communities and networks. That’s how we begin to solve this climate crisis together. That’s how we create new jobs in a green inclusive economy. That’s how we green our great cityscapes. That’s how we achieve an equitable transition to a more sustainable economy.

Please join us as we create greener, greater buildings and strengthen the communities in which we live.



Fred Lee's Signature

Fred Lee, Co-CEO

Curtis Probst Signature

Curtis Probst, Co-CEO