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Deal Spotlight

Geneva Solar Village

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Projected Energy Savings
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Projected GHG Savings
Geneva Solar Village Deal Spotlight

The Building

Building type
Affordable Multifamily

Building size
3 buildings
64,512 square feet
75 units

Year Built

Geneva, NY

Project type
New Construction

Net Zero Energy, Solar, Storage

NYCEEC loan product
Construction Loan

1.5 Years

Closing date
June 2021

The Project

NYCEEC provided early construction funding for Geneva Solar Village, a 75-unit affordable multifamily rental building in Geneva, NY, that is a winner of NYSERDA’s Buildings of Excellence Award. The Project, which employs modular construction, will be built to Net Zero Energy standards, incorporates solar and storage technologies, and will use excess solar generation for electric vehicle charging.

Total project cost




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Estimated GHG emissions saved over project lifetime

13,817 metric tons of CO2e

The Results

NYCEEC funds were provided at a critical juncture for the Project, where significant capital expenditures were required to keep the project on track, but permanent financing had not yet been received. With this NYCEEC loan, Geneva Solar Village will be one of the first developments in the northeast US to use advanced energy management to integrate solar, energy storage, critical load management and electric vehicle charging, all while serving low- and moderate-income communities.