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Does ConEd directly send apartment electricity bills to residents?

Does ConEd directly send apartment electricity bills to residents?

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The NYCEEC efficiensee Calculator quickly estimates your savings. Learn how much energy and water your building is using, how much more you could save and how you're doing compared to your neighbors. efficiensee is now available for large multifamily buildings (≥50,000 ft2) in New York City. Data-informed results are tailored to your specific building. If your building doesn’t have an efficiensee result, contact us. We'll help you learn more about saving.

How it Works

Using self-reported data submitted under New York City’s benchmarking regulation (Local Law 84) and historical performance data from NYSERDA, efficienSEE™ predicts a building’s energy and cost savings based on how its peers perform. In other words, efficienSEE™ is like a report card for how your building would perform at the top of its class!

efficiensee saves building owners and property managers time and money by providing data-driven and actionable reports. Have more questions? Visit our FAQs or contact us.
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