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Reduce your building’s emissions and operating expenses with NYCEEC.

NYCEEC financing lets you complete energy efficiency or clean energy upgrades to your building.

Clean Energy Upgrades will:

Enhance your building’s performance

Improve you and your tenant’s comfort

Reduce your emissions and operating expenses

Work towards alignment with local emission standards

NYCEEC Financing is:

Straightforward application process

Available during the project phase

Compatible with existing loans or mortgages

Customizable to meet the specific needs of your project!

We have products for a variety of building types including:

Do you have a contractor or project developer already?

We can work with them directly to fund your project costs.

Learn how we worked with Ecosave (project developer) to get the project built and operating at Hebrew Homes.

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Contact Us at or call us at 646-797-4630 to get the financing your project needs.