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9th Street

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Projected energy savings
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Projected GHG savings
Vehicles removed off the road
9th Street Building Front

The Building: 9th Street

Building type

Building size
1 building
4,775 square feet
4 units

Year built

New York, NY

Project type
Passive House

NYCEEC loan product
Green construction

1.75 years

Closing date
April 2015

The Project

NYCEEC provided a $685,000 mortgage loan with multiple draws and capitalized interest. The loan was structured to match Passive House construction and certification milestones, thus, helping the owner/project developer manage project expenses. In addition, NYCEEC’s engineers provided technical guidance throughout the construction and Passive House certification process to optimize energy savings.

Total project cost




Annual savings


The Results

Compared to current building code, the Passive House standard results in roughly 90% lower heating and cooling energy use and up to 45% lower energy use.


The benefits of the Passive House standard extend far beyond its high energy savings. Passive

Houses are healthier and more resilient because of controlled ventilation, tight air sealing and

extensive insulation. As more buildings are brought to this standard, consumer expectations and

developer incentives and feasibility will rise, creating a broader market for highly efficient buildings.