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Deal Spotlight

Scalable Solution for High Performance Building Envelope Systems Implemented in East Harlem

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0 MT CO2e
Lifetime GHG Savings
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Lifetime Source Energy Saving
Heritage-Dextall Deal Spotlight

The Building

Building type

Building size

  • 1 Building
  • 28,640 Square Feet
  • 50 Units
  • 34 Affordable Units

Year Built

New York, NY

Project type
Building Retrofit

Panelized High
Performance Building
Envelope Installation

NYCEEC Loan Product
Direct Loan

1.5 Years

Closing Date
April, 2023

The Project

NYCEEC provided a $700,000 loan to Dextall, an innovative company that produces unitized prefabricated exterior wall systems with the goal of accelerating decarbonization by creating affordable and efficient solutions for retrofitting buildings. NYCEEC’s loan helped to finance the costs to manufacture and ship Dextall’s panels for installation at a retrofit project at The Heritage in the East Harlem neighborhood of New York City.

The Heritage is owned by L+M Development Partners, one of the largest affordable housing developers in the U.S. The building is currently under a 40-year regulatory agreement to preserve long-term affordability.

Total Project Cost




The Results

Dextall was approved by NYSERDA in August 2021 as one of four designated prefabricated panel providers with the purpose of forwarding the goals of the RetrofitNY Program. Dextall aims to reduce onsite waste and labor costs through offsite manufacturing, increase energy efficiency (exceeding code requirements by upwards of 16% and reaching Passive House standards for affected areas), and reduce the length of construction. NYCEEC was excited to help finance the improvements at this rental building, to promote the environmental aims of Dextall, and to help bolster the RetrofitNY program.