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Deal Spotlight

Marcus Garvey Apartments

$ 0
Annual cost savings
0 kW
Average reduction in peak demand
0 %
Reduction in peak demand

The Building: Marcus Garvey Apartments

Building type
Affordable Multifamily

Building size
100 buildings
616,700 square feet
625 units

Year built

Brooklyn, NY

Project type
Energy storage

NYCEEC loan product

10 years

Closing date
December 2016

The Project

Demand Energy, a leading energy storage company in NYC, was looking to expand into new markets. They opened conversations with L+M Development Partners, a developer/ owner of low-income housing, regarding a 300kW lithium ion battery system to take full advantage of solar and fuel-cell energy generation at the Marcus Garvey Apartments, a large housing complex in Brooklyn, within the geographic boundary of the grid constrained Brooklyn-Queens Demand Management (BQDM) area.

Total project cost

$1.3 M


$1.2 M

Annual savings


Simple payback period

10 years

The Results

Marcus Garvey is the first battery storage micro-grid installation at a low-income property in greater New York. Projections indicate that battery storage will lower operating costs at the Marcus Garvey Apartments, along with aiding Con Edison in meeting peak energy demand and providing emergency back-up power. This helps cut power expenses, help grid reliability, and provide off-grid backup power for emergencies.