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Deal Spotlight

Sentient Buildings

$ 0
Annual gas savings
0 metric tons
Projected GHG savings
Front of Sentient Buildings

The Buildings: Sentient Buildings

Building type
Affordable multifamily

Building size
5 buildings
1,115,440 square feet
1,154 units

Year built

Mount Vernon, NY
Bronx, NY

Project type
Energy efficiency

Boiler controls, in-unit-sensors, master venting, thermostatic radiator valves and orifice plates, steam traps

NYCEEC loan product
Equipment loan

1 year

Closing date
December 2019

The Project

Sentient Buildings, a building automation contractor, developed a project to install gas efficiency measures in five buildings: four owned by Urban American and one by RY Management. Funding from NYCEEC and ConEd allowed the project to proceed and importantly, reduce peak day gas loads thus increasing gas reliability to these LMI communities. Since incentives are received post-installation, there are often upfront cost challenges for contractors. NYCEEC’s loan to Sentient Buildings bridges the timing of the ConEd incentive payments, allowing the contractor to begin construction.

The Results

Impacting 1,154 affordable housing units, the upgrades will help the buildings use gas for heating more efficiently – saving money, reducing greenhouse gases, and making living spaces more comfortable – while also helping ConEd maintain gas reliability to these LMI communities. In addition, this gas efficiency project advances New York State’s and New York City’s environmental goals by reducing expected greenhouse gas emissions.

To increase uptake of energy efficiency and clean energy incentive programs and project installations, NYCEEC anticipates replicating and scaling similar financing solutions for contractors active in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions.