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Financing for Local Law 43 Compliance with Fuel Conversion in Manhattan Co-op

$ 0
Annual cost savings
0 %
Projected PM 2.5 savings
0 %
Projected GHG savings

The Building: West 90th Street

Building type

Building size
1 building
48,000 square feet
54 units

Year built

New York, NY

Project type
Energy efficiency and fuel conversion

HVAC and fuel conversion

NYCEEC loan product
Equipment loan

5 years

Closing date
December 2013

The Project

The fuel conversion project brought the co-op into compliance with Local Law 43: Clean Heat and installed much more efficient separation of the heat and hot water systems because the boiler can now be shut down in the summer.

Total Project Cost


Other Sources




Annual Savings


Simple Payback Period

14.4 years

The Results

The oil tank was removed during the project and the building is now cleaner and better performing. The project preserved the building’s line of credit and resulted in energy cost savings and compliance with Local Law 43.